View community members' performance through the leaderboard, also get your name to the top 5 on the leaderboard, and stand a chance to win $50 in coin periodically.

Rank Username User ID No of downlines Star Ratings
1. Angelina Doe AGD1112234 50000
1. Poetrydoctor 5308974406 3
2. Newton 3946977812 1
3. Ndubuisi 5072642891 1
4. Damoche 5477084129 1
5. Nattymontana 7203596872 1
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Cash Rewards

Spindex smart contract therefore is a platform which sincerely supports competitive crowd funding and amazing innovations. Sub community leaders would be used as ambassadors and also get a lot of benefits. They would also be opportune to apply for a $1000 dollar grant which would be given on a yearly basis as reward for commitment from the user.
This $1000 cash reward would be given to the top 5 Referrals of the year, who will definitely be sub-community leaders. That means that the top 5 sub community leaders of the year would get $1,000 reward for their dedication and commitment to the Spinde.io smart contract initiative.

Also to encourage and promote competitive spirit in the Spindex community, a monthly reward of $50 would be given to the top 5 referrals in coin value. This means every member of the community has an opportunity to earn more through the cash reward system on Spindex.

We have built a solid structure which is mainly to ensure that every member of the community has an opportunity to benefit immensely through the platform. As monetary benefits/bonuses would be given regularly to reward those who are committed and willing to work their way up the community ladders with a sizeable number of down-liners. This is apart from the regular income gotten from the referral system.

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